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Western OG: Light Up the Sky
There's a story people round here used to tell. People don't talk about it so much now. They act like they've forgotten, afraid of the truth in it. The only story no one ever tells, the only taboo in a city of sinners and scoundrels, burglars and bastards. Shame too, since it's a good one.
It's begins where all stories do, in the land of the lawless. Gangs cropped up all over like weeds and for a long time that was the only thing that could hope to grow in the wastes. It flourished. There were two places to be in this world. Either you held iron in your hand or you had it shot between the eyes. And you can be surprised how compromised a man's morals can become when you hold a six-shooter long enough.
In the midst of all this was a town you'd have think sat on the edge of Hell. All manner of debauchery took place there. One day, a rich city girl by the name of Miss Emiko was unlucky enough to wander into town. She was kidnapped almost immediately by a particularly ruthless gang of bank
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OG Finale: Chapter Two
This is bad, thought Len as he walked to his throne room.
"Did you hear me, my Lord?"
Len turned towards his new "advisor" walking with him. She was an elf, provided to aid him as a gesture of goodwill from Lord Oberon. Knowing what he knew now, she was obviously meant to be a spy. She was tall, slender, had long hair and he supposed she could be considered striking for an elf… at least as far as he could guess. He never really paid much attention to that sort of thing. Better not to anyway, considering she could not be trusted.
She continued without waiting for him to say anything. "I was saying there is still no word from the dwarf lands, my Lord."
Damn, thought Len. He had sent a carrier pigeon this morning, after Lucien had approached him. He was hoping to get in touch with the Brambles, leaders of the Dwarfs, and share his thoughts with them. He believed with dwarves were suspicious of Oberon as well and hoped they would unite if he made a bid for power
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OG Finale: Chapter One
"Wow! Frost! How are you doing this? I've never felt magic like this! It's-"
"Not important, Collin. It's borrowed anyway. I won't have it again. I'm…well…I'll be away for a while. There's a…contest here. If I win, it could be really useful for us…"
"Oh… Frost? Is everything okay?"
"Yeah, kiddo! Of course! Everything's fine! Just stay hidden and safe while I'm away. Make a whole building one big block of ice if you have to. Let them know the Winder Lord's at home and he doesn't want visitors. Got it?"
"…uh huh…Frost?"
"… I love you."
"Hey, no mushy stuff, Collin. You'll ruin my reputation. Don't worry. I'll be fine.
"…okay…c-can we read my new book when you get back?"
"And play some chess?"
"Yeah…that'd be…great."
"And solve some math proofs?"
"Nngh…I'd…love to…"
"…I promise. See you soon Collin."

:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 5 8
OG Finale: Prologue
When Oberon opened his eyes, after the darkness took him, he found himself sitting at his throne. He could feel a cold sweat on his forehead. He touched his brow and was relieved that it was his own. He had no horn, no scars, no tough skin; his body was all his own. He looked around, seeing it was dark and he could see nothing, not a flicker of candlelight or ray of sun in sight. He sighed. He must have simply fallen asleep. It must have been some fever dream. This tournament was certainly taking its toll. He almost laughed, more relieved than he had ever felt in a long time. The nightmare had felt so real. Even now, he still thought he could feel the thing called Kekremont tearing him open, while all he could do was flail like a terrified child in a body that was not his own. But that's all it was, he told himself. Just a dream…
Then Oberon looked down. His face went pale.
His throne seemed to be floating in darkness and he could look down. He saw, thousands and thousands of mile
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 7 11
Mature content
Doing Something :iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 13 11
Oberon's Garden: Prologue
Oberon’s Palace, Titania. 7:00 Morning (by Elf Time)
Deep, deep under Oberon’s palace at the bottom of a nearly endless spiral staircase, near the very base of the World Tree, is a dungeon, which lay dusty, dark, and dank. The dungeon had existed ever since the places creation eons ago by a previous ruler. It had been used briefly during one of the numerous wars the elves engaged in, then when a more practical jail system was put into place, it fell into disuse. Eventually, most of the elves simply forgot a dungeon even existed in the palace. And, since it was not considered a significant detail, very few people outside the palace are even aware of existence and even those in the palace see no significance to it.
These kinds of places have a powerful ominous atmosphere that seems to naturally attract villains, plotters, and just crazy people in general. It should come as no surprise that, on this particular day, the old stone doors of the dungeon are opened by Oberon h
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 24 31
LoT Intermission: Mizuno
“Wake up.”
Mizuno awoke lying on a cold table, staring up at the steel wall overhead.
“Are you awake?” said the voice inside Mizuno’s head.
“Ugh…yeah,” he said. He tried to sit up on the table, but couldn’t. He put his hand to his temple. He felt like he had been hit by a truck. Aside from the head pain, he also had a throbbing pain in his chest. He touched his chest and felt there were stitches there.
As soon as he touched the wound, he remembered how it had gotten there. He remembered the fight with the lunatic who called himself Karl. He fought dirty, stabbing Mizuno immediately after suggesting they work together. After a length battle, in which both Mizuno and Karl fought to the best of their abilities, the villain finally won by punching Mizuno with such force that he crashed into a wall. After that, Mizuno didn’t remember much. The image that haunted Mizuno the most was that, throughout the whole fight, he never sto
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 51 16
WoT: Intermission - Karl
Not a very long ago…in a world not so far away…
In his own private quarters within the abandoned Castle of Nations Amusement Park, Karl sat at the dinner table with a violin in hand, enjoying the chance to play a little tune before his next murder.
Karl sat on an old, rickety wooden chair in front of a long, chipped wooden table. Upon the table were plates filled with assorted fruits and meats. It would look like the most appetizing feast possible were it not for the fact that all the food was plastic. At the center of the table was a fancy centerpiece: a tiny ceramic castle, which was currently being used by Arma as a perch.
As Karl played a slow, almost mournful tune of his own creation on the violin, he looked across the long table at his “dinner guest.” A young girl wearing a cyan shirt was tied to the chair. Her hands were also tied behind the chair.
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 135 45
The Will of Talos: Prologue
For the first time in decades, the city of Taitle was alive.
It had always been a curious place. When the city was first established, centuries ago, it was at the height of technology. Beautiful accomplishments of Victorian architecture stretched as far as the eye could see. From the tallest building to the smallest hovel, it all looked beautiful and remarkable for its now. Towering above all the buildings was a great clock tower in the center of town, always depicting the exact time. The cobblestone streets were always seemed clean, the weather always seemed nice, and just being there seemed to make people feel good. But the one thing Taitle was best known for was its technology. The numerous inventors and geniuses that inhabited the city had harnessed steam-power and clockwork in a way no one had seen before. Marvels of technology could be found just around every corner. On one corner, you could see a mechanical man, full of rivets and moving gears, and eyes hiding remarkable intelli
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 31 6
Project: ENDZONE Chapter Four
“I don’t understand the interest you take in those two,” said Mr. Seles to Dr. Crooked, who was staring at the monitors on the security console. The monitor Dr. Crooked was paying specific attention to was one that displayed Rikyo and Seth.
”I didn’t expect you would,” said Dr. Crooked. “It’s a little experiment I’m running with those two. I’m fairly certain of the final outcome of the fight…but their conduct during the fight…that should prove interesting.”
Mr. Seles only grunted, mildly interested.
”But I’m surprised you’re not the least bit interested in how Seth fares,” said Dr. Crooked. “You and he had become such close friends, it seems.”
Mr. Seles smirked.
”He’s a fool. He charges headfirst into anything without thinking. I don’t have patience for stupid people.”
“But he’s bold,” said Dr. Crooked, smiling. “You have to give him that. Most people w
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 18 9
Project: ENDZONE Chapter Three
“We are beasts, nothing more. We act like we’re somehow superior to every other creature that walks on this Earth, but we are not. We have invented these concepts of civility and morality, but these are just delusion. Given the proper conditions, all humans succumb to instinct. No creature can change its nature. We can never change who we are. Do you see? We can not change the dark instincts that dwell within us. There is no good in this world. I believe I have proven that.”
”You’re insane! How…how could you do this, Kain?!”
”You wouldn’t understand, Seth. You have the mind of an impudent child.”
”Don’t be stupid. You can barely hold that pitiful sword Adam gave you. You don’t have the strength to kill me. And even if you did, it would change nothing.”
”Shut up!”
“You’d just be proving my point. You’d just fall into the same instinct I did. You’d be
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 12 5
Project: ENDZONE Chapter Two
“Oi, thank god! I’ve never been so ‘appy to be on land in my ‘ole life!” said Chimbley after stepping off the ship. His once pale face seemed to regain some color.
Seth turned and watched as contestants came off the ship by the dozens. The contestants came in all different shapes, sizes, and species. Seth was able to make out a few standout contestants. He saw one that was a huge robot carrying around a brain in a jar. He saw another that was wearing a red robotic suit of armor. Seth thought he had seen everything when he was a skeleton come on the dock.
Dear lord, what have I gotten myself into? thought Seth, nervously. He looked at his sword. Does this thing even cut through robot armor? Lord, they probably have like…death rays or something. I’m pretty sure my techniques won’t be as effective if I burst into flames. Ugh!
”Oi, somethin’ wrong?” said Chimbley, looking up at Seth.
”What? Oh nothing…just a bit
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 19 6
Project: ENDZONE
Dear Contestant,
You have been cordially invited (or drafted, more accurately speaking) to attend a tournament in our remote island in the land of Grimmoire. You will be pitted against your fellow contestants, who come from a myriad of different worlds. The complex criteria by which you and your fellow contestants were judged upon is none of your concern; all that matters is that your own unique qualities have drawn our attention.
This competition is called “Project: ENDZONE.” It is a joint venture between the Grimmorian government and SelesCorp, a powerful trans-dimensional corporation. Mr. Seles, the owner of SelesCorp, has generously offered his assistance in helping us prepare for this contest.
What follows are the rules of the competition, along with some helpful information, which you should keep in mind at all times:
1. If you have received this letter, your entrance in the competition is mandatory. No exceptions. If you choose not to comply, rest assured we will find
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 31 10
From Within: Part Five
Piper was once again in a dark, unfamiliar place. He was unsure how he had gotten there. His last memory was being flattened by the Wolf in the place inside his mind. He began to fear that he had died and that this was what the end looked like; nothing but a dark place.
Piper tried his best to push this thought away. It was more likely he was dreaming again. He expected to hear the fearful voice of the Wolf bellow at him once again, but he only heard silence.
After what seemed like eons, Piper heard a faint voice. A voice he recognized instantly, but could not believe he really heard.
He turned around and she was there. Her image was faint and faded out, like a desert mirage, but she was still there. She looked almost exactly the way Piper saw her last. One patch over her eye, blue hair over her shoulders, and one wrapped up in bandages. He looked at the place where her left arm should be and his heart twanged with guilt.
”Hello, Posie,” he said.
Her voice was heavily distort
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 6 2
Ree's Dream Journal
My Dream Journal
By Ree
To Rex (who I am certain will read through this even though I told you not to),
Okay, I’m starting to write this journal for my English class, when I’d much rather be leveling up my Pokemon so I can beat the Elite Four, but my battery died and it made me sad. I am sure I have told you many times to respect my privacy, I’m sure you will still read this journal. All I ask is that you refrain from editing around or rewriting this like you did my essay last month (My teacher still looks at me funny ever since you replaced my book report on Paradise Lost with your handiwork “The Complete and Unabridged Novelization of ‘Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle’”). So please do not do that, Rex. You put me through enough already.
Night One:
I dreamt I was falling suddenly. I’m not sure what I was falling off of; this particular dream was not much in the plot department. So I hit the ground, except it was made of Strawberr
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 21 4
From Within: Part Four
Rosie awoke on a cold, steel floor. Rosie immediately attempted to get up, but she felt overwhelmed by fatigue. She tried to remember how where she was, but her memories were fractured and vague, like objects surrounded by a dense fog. It was like waking up from a deep sleep and, for a few minutes, forgetting all aspects of life and reality.
As Rosie tried to piece together her memories, she heard voices in the room.
“You never told me there was a girl in there!” said one young, male voice. His voice reminded her of Piper, whose memory caused the events of Hamelin to emerge from the fog.
”You seem to forget it is not your place to judge the methods of the Shepherd,” said a deeper voice, whom Rosie instantly formed a dislike for. “It is only by blind luck that he has found a use for you. You should be thankful that he allowed you to live, Blue”
There was a short pause.
“I’m not thankful,” said Blue, sadly, “because I don’t consider
:iconganondorfthethird:Ganondorfthethird 5 2

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Happy Birthday, Fizzypop
Warning: This SAD story contains characters & concepts from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise (© Hasbro, Lauren Faust, et. al.). If this is not your cup of tea, then please do not drink it, and go find some other beverage to quench your thirst. Thank you.
Special note: Fizzypop (and her friends)'s names and appearances are based off of G3 ponies; I, however, came up with their personalities, so that technically makes them OC ponies; if you don't like reading about fan characters, then don't read. That is all.
* * * * * *
Fizzypop put the last carton of ice cream in place. Done! With the dessert table now in order, everything was finally ready! The poofy-maned earth pony stood back to admire her hoofwork.
The young mare's ordinary living room had been transformed into a festive party scene. From wall to wall hung vivid streamers of purple, pink and red; her colors. Matching balloons filled the room, and across the doorway ran a banner declaring "Happy Birthday, Fizz
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TGWTG: Suburban Knights by ChadRocco TGWTG: Suburban Knights :iconchadrocco:ChadRocco 1,183 166


Hey guys.

In case you weren't already aware, earlier this year I wrote a fanfic of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic called the Vinyl Scratch Tapes:…

It quickly somehow became the most popular thing I've written and posted online, which I am pretty proud of. I really enjoyed writing it.

Anyway, a few very talented people set out and are currently making an audio adaptation of it! They've already released a completed adaptation of the first episode.… really great. Everyone working on it is very talented and very nice. I even wrote some very short additional content for the adaptation (specifically the "commercial break" during the show). The voice acting is really good and I highly suggest checking it out. It's really awesome.

Anyway, sorry if I've been kind of scarce recently. Had a lot of stuff going on, but I'm hoping to be on more than I have been recently. Take care everybody!
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I have to say, reading the newest chapter of VST I'm very excited to see what happens next. Keep up the good luck!
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I gotta admit man, i normally hate fanfics, but your simplistic plot drive in the Vinyl Scratch Tapes is just as good, if not better than the show! I even keep the recorded versions in my mp3. Your story and voice actors replicate the feel of a true radio station extremely well. Awesome work dude, i look forward to the second season.
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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it so much! It actually makes me feel really good whenever people say they don't normally like fanfiction, but enjoyed VST.

Thank you for the kind words :)
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I have a question.

Where do you go to write your stories? I would like to know. I am new when it comes to Deviantart and I want to write a story that has to do with my two main characters. It would be a great help if you can tell me where to go and all that. Thank you. =)
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Oh, okay, no problem.

Just click on the Submit button on the deviantart bar at the top of the page and hit Submit art. Change the category to any of the subcatagories listed under literature. On the submit page, you have the option of uploading a picture file or add text. Just add text to write in text and, once finished, hit submit.

For more info, click here: [link]
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Thank you! Also, yay Derpy : D
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